I am the system administrator for a small subnet of a large computer network at the University of Tennessee.  I am active in the Society for Creative Anachronism in the Kingdom of Meridies.  I am a Laurel with three active apprentices.  My principle medium is wood, although I am also a blacksmith and a cook.  I write because I have stuff to say, and I hope one day to make a buck from it. 

I am an unrepentant capitalist who thinks that the current “bailout” approach to economic crisis is a great way to prolong it.  I’m socially liberal and fiscally conservative.  As a small-l libertarian, I hate what’s come to be called Big Government.  In my experience, anything the government is put in charge of will be done the most expensive and least effective way possible.  And that pretty much sums me up.



  1. Just chanced on your website. When living in Northern CA through the 90’s I was introduced to the SCA. Played my fiddle and flirted with ladies while the guys in armor swatted each other with their damn great rattan swords. At one gathering in 2003, there was a guy operating a spring-pole hand-made lathe, which I sketched.

    You are probably familiar with the works of Eric Sloane, but just in case, he published several books with very charming drawings and text describing tools, woodworking, crafts, and construction techniques from “Early America” i.e., colonial times. If you’re interested I can provide details.

  2. Delighted to hear of another Westy Owner in East Tn.! We are getting ready to put our P-19 (SeaStar is the official name, but we call him Scuffy after the kids book.) in the water over the holidays up near Concord. The waterway down to Fort Loudon and up to the 411 bridge is awesome even with the variable winds. IT the only place I know of where you can sail upwind all day and turn around and sail upwind all day!



  3. Brian –
    That’s where I’ve been sailing September Blue since I brought her back from Virgina. Yes, you can sail upwind in both directions.

    Thanks for coming by. Hope to see more of you.

  4. Bill, why don’t you stick a map on your site so we can get a better idea about where these lakes and flag poles are located?

    Is that banner on your web site Maui north shore or a Tennessee lake I’ve never heard about?

    Jerry – Lia#918 – SF Bay

    • Jerry –
      Maps are a good idea, but I’ll have to think them through. They would also be useful for my restaurant reviews. The bay came with the Ocean Mist theme, and I have no idea where it is, although the way the fields are divided, it could be Galway Bay in Ireland.


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