Posted by: wrmcnutt | May 10, 2011

How Your Son Could End Up On the Sex Offender List

I haven’t had much direct experience with this sort of thing, but with our society’s history of witch-hunts, it’s probably a good idea to give some thought to criminalizing non-invasive behavior.

A law is being proposed in Maine that will make it illegal for adults to stare at children.

This kind of law makes it possible for anyone to be arrested on a trumped-up charge.  I was going to say “what’s next?” I was trying to come up with a more absurd law than “blatant staring,” or “looking at someone really hard,” but that’s exactly the kind of behavior Maine is looking to criminalize here.  I can’t think of any hyperbole.

Now really – I usually tend to come down on the conservative side of the law.  I’m all for introducing child-molester to the business end of a cheese-grater.  But really, “visual aggression?”

On a related note, you might want to check out the story of the woman whose two sons both ended up on the sex offender list for normal human behavior.  Then you’ll understand why I flatly refuse to be left alone with or babysit someone else’s child.

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