Posted by: wrmcnutt | November 15, 2010

Protesting Intrusive Scanning and Searches at the Airport

Dear Elected Representative,
Please support all efforts to remove backscatter scanners from airports and ban the sexual assault known as the “enhanced pat down.”

We do not know the long-term health consequences of the scanners. But more immediately, the idea that the images will be private is absurd. I’ve been in the technology business for thirty years, and if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that if an image is interesting, it ends up on the internet.

The “enhanced pat down” is worse. It’s a demeaning and physically intrusive practice designed to be so unpleasant that participants will be willing to go through the scanner.

Do you want to be the one to explain to small children that “adults should never touch you ‘there,’ EXCEPT federal employees.

These practices are an assault on the privacy and dignity of the people of the United States, and they should stop.

Bill McNutt
Registered Voter

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  1. oh, (and I can get you the link!), the TSA *ADMITS* that they’ve got over 30,000 images *saved* because they need them for Training Purposes ™. *sh*t* — if they need them for Training Purposes, then they can volunteer to have their very own images used.

    Scuttlebutt has it that if you refuse the imaging and want a Private Pat-down, that you’ll get a full strip-search.

    I’m not planning on flying *anywhere* until this is “fixed.”

  2. Not a strip-search. As a matter of policy, you will get your genitals groped and, if you’re female, your breasts.

    It’s a deliberate effort to force you to accept the scan.

    • IIRC (and God knows my brain is so very fried, right now), the blog post where I read about it had a commenter that had been strip searched (they’d requested a private search rather than the full-body pat-down in public). I’ll have to check.

      Again, the effort to get you to accept the public search — which is the effort to get you to accept the scan.

      • I’d like to see it, if you’ve got the time.

  3. My current favorite monkey-wrench tactic is to go for the grope, and moan loudly like you’re really enjoying the contact. The idea is to publicly embarrass the searcher to the point that they start to refuse to perform it.

    Considering that this contact is more intrusive than what is allowing in a prison, it really needs to be challenged and thrown out.

    • Oooh! Good one. Not sure if I have the nerve to pull it off, though. I’ve quit flying if I can possibly help it, and have written to tell the airlines and my congressman so.

  4. An Army buddy of mine and his wife will be driving from New England to Texas because of what people she knows have put up with.

    I have spent enough time in the air over oceans and land to feel that I have used up my “safe miles,” so I have no desire to fly – but I have not put up with all of those miles so I can be treated like a criminal for wanting to exercise my liberty to travel across this “great democracy” that is acting like a communist stronghold more and more every day.

    • Be sure and tell your congresscritter – and the airlines. It wouldn’t hurt to mention that you pulled all those air miles in service, either.

  5. OK. I’m not finding it right now, but here’s some things that I did find is where I first saw it

    and a couple of the links there
    including one from a rape survivor who was groped by a male TSA worker
    I’m not getting this one to come up for me now — it could just be overwhelmed I suspect it’s the same woman.

  6. “With this latest announcement, TSA admits that it has been clandestinely punishing passengers for refusing to go through the invasive whole-body scans with an even more intrusive aggressive pat-down and that soon those more invasive pat-down will creep from airport to airport.”

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