Posted by: wrmcnutt | August 23, 2010

Everything is On The Internet

That’s it. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is on the internet.
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  1. So my take on this is:

    – If you are going to carry a gun, carry two – on in each pocket to balance things out, or put a rock in your other pocket and check both.
    – carry a gun ( or two or gun and a rock) ALL the time, so you get used to it and stop “checking” for it or accommodating for it.
    – keep your hands in your coat pockets a lot – just let it become a known habit that you are a hands-in-pockets kind of person.
    – keep your gun small and light, so you can wear clothing that matches the season.

    oh, and the best option – Don’t carry a gun.

    BTW – THIS does not surprise me on the internet. I’ve seen FAR more obscure and bizzarre stuff. Like this:

  2. Correction: Be not where you are required to carry a gun for your safety. Unfortunately, the bad guys don’t stay home either…

    As for carry tells:
    1. Wear a rig that fits, and one that rides inside the waistband vs. over – and paddle holsters were designed for cops/agents who must strap-n-strip, leave it to them.

    2. There are a number of adequate-caliber pistols in small frames. If they will suit your needs, then get one. A big ol’ hoss won’t do you any good sitting at home because it is too hot to wear anything but shorts and a tee. After you get one, read number one again.

    3. Carry whenever you can, and be very consious of how you move – even if you aren’t carrying. It takes more than mindset to break those habits, it takes practice.

    4. By TN state law, you can’t pull it if you don’t have to use it, so if you pull it, use it immediately. After the fact, if you are still alive, be seriously ready to defend yourself in court. “I would rather stand before 12 as be carried by 6,” is less than half of the issue.

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