Posted by: wrmcnutt | June 30, 2010

Amy Alkon on Women

“Women in their 20s are quick to rule a man out for deep character flaws like wearing Dockers, not knowing that you’re supposed to hate Nickelback, and buying vegetables grown by multinational conglomerates instead of two aging hippies. Some women in their 30s, especially those who wake up with baby rabies at 35, continue to maintain high standards: demanding that a man be straight, single, and paroled. Ideally, that is. At 39, they’ll pretty much consider anything with a paycheck and human sperm. ” – Amy Alkon
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  1. Paycheck optional if they don’t want to hang around and the woman has a decent income/support system.

    Sperm should be of moderately decent genetic quality in either case.

    • One MUST have standards, after all.

  2. I fear Amy Alkon is nuttier than squirrel poo. The bar gets raised higher as you get older, not the opposite. By the time you have reached that “certain age,” you’ve probably come to the conclusion that it’s a thousand times better to live alone than to be stuck with a jerk. At least, you will have done if you have any sense at all.

    • Ah, but you, my eternal hottie, have never been of the “I am not complete until I am a mommy with a child of my body” mindset.

      Amy’s pretty specifically talking about women who are pressed by that ticking clock.

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