Posted by: wrmcnutt | June 11, 2010

This Takes Me Back . . .

Everything . . .  everything is on the internet.  I haven’t though about this in years. Back in the day, Mom was a big John Denver fan.  As far as she was concerned, “Annie’s Song” needed to be our national anthem.  I heard this parody back then and some of the couplets stuck with me for thirty years. Or more.  This is the first time I’ve heard it since.  I remember catching it on Dr. Demento back in the day, taping it, and playing it for Mom.  She was, shall we say, not impressed.  Honestly, some people have no sense of humor.

“When they threw me outta Harvard, Daddy bought me into Yale,
And I spent the first semester, just a skiin’ up at Vale.
I was busted four times but I never saw jail!
Thank God I’m a rich kid!

I got a chauffeur driven Jag and my own private plane,
I’m a-brushing my teeth with Peruvian Cocaine.
Like to get a job, but it goes against my brain . . .
Thank God I’m a rich kid!

Well I don’t give a damn if the union gets mad,
Layin’ round the factory a “workin'” for my Dad.
Still the toughest job I think I ever had!
Thank God I’m a rich kid!

Well my Daddy’s out in Vegas tryin’ to float a loan,
Momma’s with a gigilo just ashackin’ up in Rome.
I’m-a throwin’ parties at the Palm Springs Home!
Thank God I’m a rich kid!

Well it’s Paris in the Summer, Congo in the fall,
Big Game huntin’ with a doctor on call,
Back by Christmas for the debutante ball!
Thank God I’m a rich kid!

I got steaks on the griddle  and a yacht on the lake,
A cousin in the Senate and a judge on the take,
When they run out of bread, come and let ’em eat cake!
Thank God I’m a rich kid!”

Ogden Edsel

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