Posted by: wrmcnutt | May 14, 2010

We Were A World Book House

My family had an out-of-date Worldbook Encyclopedia when I was growing up. It was so old that it listed Hitler as still alive and only had had a picture of a lone Grace Memorial Bridge in Charleston. I found Britannica to be very rough going, and didn’t use it much, even when I had access to it. But I didn’t have this guy’s problem:

“At my house, somehow we ended up with Encyclopædia Brittanicæ, whose little Britishisms bollixed up my spelling programme for yærs.”

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  1. Solvi will grow up in a Britannica house – I have a complete set from 1997. For history and biography and “basic concept” papers, this should be OK. Science? not so much.

  2. We had both. I don’t have them, but I did keep all my college textbooks. I’d like for Ginny to have something of the encyclopedia type to leaf through later on though.

    I never took those things far from the shelf. I can recall spending hours on my tummy in the hall. Reading and reading while people stepped over me to get to the bathroom.

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