Posted by: wrmcnutt | April 30, 2010

Ron, Hermonie, and Fundamental Differences Between Men and Woman

So I was chatting with my friend Bri today, and she said, “Bleah.  I think my general attitude lately could be accurately described as ennui.”  To my query as to “why” she replied: “Because there is just nothing exciting me that much nowadays.”  Quick wit that I am, a half dozen inappropriate comments sprang to mind.  (Bri is, after all, married, a practicing monogamist, AND somebody’s Mom.)  So I skipped the comments, but, wanted credit for them, told her they’d sprung to mind.  And her response was, “Funny man.  Men have one-track minds.”

And that’s really not quite accurate.  One track minds, in the sense that we only think about one thing, is not true.  Men think about many things. But if she means that we only think about/feel one thing at a time, she’s probably on the money. When I’m hungry, I’m hungry.  Not horny.  Not thirsty.  Not afraid.  Not happy.  Not depressed.  Just hungry.  It’s time to EAT.  When I’m not hungry, I go on to other primal needs.

There was an interaction between Hermonie and Ron in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix that I thought really summed up the difference between boys and girls pretty well. She was talking about why Cho Chang burst into tears on harry in the middle of their date. It went something like this:

“She likes Harry and is nervous about whether or not he likes her.  Plus she’s still cares for Cedric and he’s dead, so of course she’s also sad.  Plus she feels like she’s being disloyal to Cedric’s memory, so she feels guilty about that.”

Ron’s response was, “Nobody can feel all of that at once.  They’d explode.”

And the counter response was “Just because YOU have the emotional range of a spoon doesn’t mean we all do.”

Although I think any man will admit, we can  be horny AND frustrated at the same time.  That’s pretty much our default state from about the age of 13 to 30.  But I don’t’ think that counts.  Then again, when the vending machine is broken, I’ve managed to pull off both hungry and frustrated.  So maybe we have more complexity than I give us credit for.

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  1. Hmmm… your post may give some insight to the saying “A man’s heart is through his stomach”…

    Once you have fed him a good meal he is then free to move on from hungry to ….. ?

    • Oh, no doubt at all. If we’re hungry, you’re pretty much not going to get us to think about anything else.

  2. I think it actually works out that we are allow one each of the following at any given time… physical state, emotion, and thought.

    The three usually coincide. For example currently, I am hungry, frustrated , and I am thinking about being stuck on this conference call and how it preventing me from grabbing lunch. But some deviation can occur. Hungry, happy, and thinking about how to rearrange the workshop for example.

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