Posted by: wrmcnutt | February 8, 2010

Sex With the Queen

Ok, for the newcomers, I’m in the SCA, a medieval re-creation organization similar to the Civil War re-enactors you may have heard of.  We get together, put on armor, bash each other with simulated swords, wear funny clothes, and otherwise try and re-create the interesting/romantic parts of the middle ages.  There’s a lot of us, mostly in the United States, although that’s changing.  We’re divided into geographic kingdoms, and call our large gatherings “wars.”  The largest and oldest of these is called Pennsic, and is last week of July and the first week of August.  This year there were about 10,000 of us attending and 2500 of us fighting.

Like most amateur historians, I have a book habit. And so, as always, I spent several hours browsing the booksellers.  And I ran across an interesting title:  “Sex With the Queen.” In Sex With the Queen, the author posits that any marriage that involved land involved politics, and that women (and men) of rank were regularly saddled with spouses who were fat, skinny, ugly, homely, stupid, or otherwise uninteresting.  Further, it was the practice of these woman (and men) to take lovers.  Now, I don’t claim that the author, Eleanor Herman, made her case, but she certainly cited a truckload of examples.

In any case, the title caught my eye, and the subject matter kept my attention.  Once I was through with it, my friend “Mary” wanted to borrow it.  She finished with it, and happened to return it to me at a party, where “Georgia” saw it, and asked if she could read it.  And today I just got a message from “Georgia,” who says that “Linda” wants to borrow it.

Without warning, the following sentences appeared in my head, and I though you would like to share them:

Mary had Sex with the Queen. She liked it so much that she recommended it to Georgia, who then also had Sex With The Queen. Linda heard about how good Sex With the Queen was, and now she wants Sex With the Queen. Once the week is out, William will be able say that he satisfied three lovely ladies through Sex With The Queen.

It’s been a good week already.

“Snow White feels Sleepy,” indeed.

To HRM Meridies – please excuse me.

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  1. LOL! “Further Affiant saith not.”

  2. [shakes head]

  3. um… does Kelly feel about this?

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