Posted by: wrmcnutt | December 23, 2009

Dad Update – Prostate


Just talked to the surgeon. The procedure went extremely well.  If he still has problems, it’s not because of his prostate.  He’s in recovery and waking, but they won’t let us see him until they get him in a regular room.  This is normally an outpatient procedure.  Given his condition, they are going to keep him here over night before returning him to Holston.  After I’ve seen him, there will be a nap in my future.


Well, here I am again.  In the St. Mary’s (Mercy) Hospital surgical waiting room.  This is my third wait in here this year.  He’s has prostate problems for a while, but the lung surgery sort of pushed him over the edge.  We’re hoping that today’s procedure will correct the problems so that his recovery can proceed.  The recurrent urinary tract infections are retarding his recovery from his surgery.

He’s still got cognition and communication deficits from the stroke, so I’ve gotten in the habit of simplifying things so that I don’t spend half my life re-iterating explanations.  He’s started getting snarky with me.  Apparently, my answers are “so flip that he can’t understand what’s happening.”  So he got chapter-and-verse involving a laser, his urethra, and just exactly what they were going to do with them.

I generally feel awful.  I hate every second of dealing with this, and I’m afraid it shows despite my best efforts.  And the last thing he needs is me making him feel bad about himself. 

His sister, his niece, and my sister are here with me, and his cousin just turned up.  It’s not without it’s small light moments.  I’d forgotten about the whoopie-cushion chair.  There’s a chair here in the waiting room that makes very rude noises whenever anybody sits in it.  When somebody new comes in, we all kind of stop and wait to see the expression on their faces when they sit.  Potty humor – that’s what I’m reduced to.  I’m so sophisticated.


I just got a call from the surgical nurse.  The’ve started – and things are doing as well as can be expected.    More later.

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  1. Your dad is in our prayers and thoughts today.

  2. thinking of you today, as ever.

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