Posted by: wrmcnutt | December 18, 2009

Dad Update

I’ve fallen behind in Dad updates again.  My father’s recovery is moving forward once again.  He had been evacuated from the rehab center to the hospital for an infection as of two weeks ago.  That infection cleared up fairly quickly, but then his heart started acting kludgey. He developed a series of arrhythmias that caused rapid ventricular response.  His heart kept racing off.  There are a number of reasons why this is a problem, but the one most significant to a CPOD (emphysema) patient is that it can fill your lungs with fluid.  For anybody, that’s a problem, but for Dad and his scarred up lungs, it’s a disaster.  So they spent two weeks trying him on a series of drugs, one after the other, that were supposed to regulate his heartbeat.  Finally, this week, I spoke to his cardiologist who told me they were going to try Amiodarone.

Now, this stuff is entertaining for any number of reasons, so they saved it for last.  Side effects include: corneal deposits in the eyes, thyroid damage, liver damage, and, of course, scarring of the lungs.  Since my father doesn’t have any lungs to speak of, they were really sort of hoping not to need this one.  Anyway, he’s been put on that, and I was told, going to be in the hospital until Monday.  They changed their minds yesterday, and he was send to Holston Rehab Center again. So he’s back out there.

Meanwhile, he’s developed problems elsewhere, and need surgery.  It’s not an emergency, but it will resolve some logistical issues for him and, if it works, make him a lot more comfortable.

My wife, the ER nurse, has to work Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  So her extended family is gathering on Dec 23 in the morning to accomodate her work schedule.  My father’s extended family annually gathers on December 23rd in the evening.  What day do you suppose, of all the days of all the year, did the surgeon choose to schedule my Dad’s surgery?  Yes, the 23rd of December.

So this is my official notice to all my friends and family.  I am now braking ALL commitments. I now have NO plans. All the stuff I said I was gonna do up to New Years?  It’s on the calendar. If I can show up, I will. If I can’t, I’m sorry.  I may be dealing with dadstuff, or I may be sitting next to my fireplace with scotch in my hand and my nose in a book decompressing.  Or I may be hiding under my desk.

The good news is that the surgery is as non-invasive as they can be, and he is least likely to have complication and the prognosis for success is fairly good.  If he were healthy, it would be out-patient.  Given his health and physical condition, they’re going to keep him over night.

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  1. good for you! You need the time with dad and decompression will be necessary. The nice thing about friends………we understand that committments sometimes have to be broken, and that frivolities often have to be put on hold.

    Good luck with everything dad related, and strive for the sanest holiday you and Kel can manage

    • Thanks – I really appreciate it. I did make it out to the Holly and Ivy feast in time for dinner.

  2. *sigh* sounding like a broken record here – please know we are thinking of you. lots.

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