Posted by: wrmcnutt | November 20, 2009

Dad Update

Well, it was bad.  Very bad.  Yesterday Dad was supposed to visit a specialist. The follow-up was scheduled in his orders from the hospital, so the Health and Rehab people got a professional patient transporter to move him.  Patient transporters are interesting.  They call them ambulances, but they are not.  There’s an EMT driving, but inside the truck is no equipment.  Except the necessary straps and belaying gear for safely anchoring wheelchairs and gurneys.  They rolled Dad in, strapped his chair down, and dropped him off at the doctor’s office.  I was startled and disturbed as all hell to find him sitting there in a wheelchair, just staring into space.  I would have figured the EMT would have waited for me. I was on time. They were early.  But they just left him there.  In fairness, he was in the waiting room of a doctor’s office.  There were plenty of people around, and medical professionals to hand if there had been an emergency.  But still, the idea that they would just drop him off like that makes me very uncomfortable.

In any case, by the time everyone was ready for the test, he was too weak to get up on the examination table. The nurse and I together couldn’t do it.  This told the Doc the test was pointless.  As weak as he is, his condition isn’t going to improve until he gets stronger.

I had been left with the impression that dad was continuing to recover.  I can’t believe he’s so weak.  If he doesn’t improve substantially, there’s no way he can go home.  If you can’t get up out of a chair, how are you going to cook for yourself?  Or bathe?

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  1. Sorry to hear about the reversal – again, let me know if there’s anything I can do –


    • Thanks – I don’t know that there is anything anyone can do but him. And if he won’t eat, he’s not going to get better.

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