Posted by: wrmcnutt | November 3, 2009

Dad Update

Ok, Dad’s lungs, and hip are well into recovery, although he needs a boatload of therapy on that hip to make it functional.  He’s having a swallowing study done this morning to see if they can figure out why he gags on anything like solid food.  He’s stopped sleepwalking and his mental acuity is back up to where it was before he went to Holston.  So the remaining acute issue is his heart rhythm and rate, and they think they are going to have it sorted out by this afternoon, so he will probably be going back to Holston tomorrow for long term rehab.  Dr. Worley seems to think that he will be able to recover sufficiently to go home and continue to live alone, at least for a while.  He likes the food at Holston better, so he may be able to gain more weight there, but until we figure out why he gags on everything but liquids and get that fixed, it won’t matter how it tastes.
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  1. This sure is an uphill/downhill struggle! I appreciate you keeping us updated as you have been. I’ll keep following and keep hoping and praying for the best.

    • Thanks, Donna. I really appreciate your kind words. It makes it a little easier.

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