Posted by: wrmcnutt | October 30, 2009

Dad Update Four Million and Two

It appears that Dad’s confusion and disorientation were caused by a urinary tract infection compounded with the pain medication that he takes for his diabetic neuropathy.  I think I mentioned that in an earlier update.

Anyway, the UTI is clearing up very quickly.  They’re giving him those antibiotics they give you when they want everything in your body that weights less than a pound to be DEAD DEAD DEAD.  He’s more lucid, more responsive, and yes, more demanding today.

In all the confusion over the past three days, I don’t know if I thought to mention the atrial fibrillation with rapid ventricular response he’s also had.  This was discovered by accident when he was under routine monitoring in the Emergency Department for his confusion and disorientation.  They put him on cardiazim to keep his heart rate down.  This morning I got a call that the doctor thought he was ready to go back to Holston, but within an hour, they called me back and said his heart rate had spiked again, and that they wanted to keep him for another couple of days. Nobody seems to be able to tell me what is causing that afib, and he just called me to tell me that they did an ultrasound on the veins in his neck.

So he’ll be in there over the weekend, and I’m more comfortable with that.

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