Posted by: wrmcnutt | October 29, 2009

Dad Update

Well, I just got back from the Hospital, and Dad is doing very well.  In the sliding scale of suck, that is.  This afternoon he is lucid, able to position himself in the bed easily, and responsive (and accruate) at answering questions.  Which is miles away from where he was yesterday.  While I have yet to speak with his current doctor, his nurse was very responsive and helpful.

It is her assessment that the disorientation yesterday that caused the Rehab Center to call me and to have him taken to the Emergency Room was caused by a urinary tract infection in combination with the Oxycontin and Lortab/Lorset, which them give him for pain caused by his chronic diabetic neuropathy.

UTI’s are straightforward to treat and he should recover fairly quickly.  Whether he will discharge down to Transitional Care again, or back to Holston Recovery and Rehabilitation has yet to be answered.  Or even asked at this point.  I have left a message that his doctor is to call me, and that will be one of my first questions.

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  1. My thoughts are with you. There’s no good spin to put on this kind of suck. Good days, bad days. More good days and more bad days. You do have friends who care about you and who are willing to distract you in any ways they can whenever you need – we’re just a phone call away, and you know where the lake is.


    • ANY way?

  2. Hey Will, tough days. Hang in there — there are lots of positive thoughts and good will headed up your direction.


    • Thanks – it means a lot.

  3. Will,
    Sorry to hear about this. Praying things get better in unexpected ways.

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