Posted by: wrmcnutt | October 6, 2009

Dad Update

I just got a call from my father, and he has been moved to the Transitional Care unit at St. Mary’s.  I’m not sure exactly what they mean by Transitional Care, except what to infer from the name.  They’re getting him ready to leave the hospital. Ah, here we are.  (All Hail Google.)  From a random hospital web site: “Transitional care is designed for patients who require a short-term regimen of less intensive therapy or treatment following an acute hospital stay. It is ideal for patients who are too ill and/or technology-dependent to receive home care, but who do not need to remain in a medical/surgical bed.”

So, I presume that his repiratory therapy will be continued and they will also continue to have orthopedic nurses torture him with searing jolts of pain.  All good news.

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  1. Yay!…Hope his attitude is also doing well…that helps.

    Best wishes,

    • His attitude is quite good most of the time. Of course, a lot of that is the prosac. He’s been on anti-depressants for a while now. He’s having trouble coming to terms with being old and busted, and is prone to depression.

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