Posted by: wrmcnutt | October 2, 2009

Broken Hip

Just as I was beginning to get my feet under me, my father has suffered a severe setback.  At about 3:00 AM this morning, he woke up disoriented and hallucinating.  Not knowing where he was, he got out of bed, fell, and hit his head.  He has a minor bleed in the subdural area. For those of us who don’t speak medi-geek, it is a brain-bleed.  It wouldn’t apparently be a problem, except that he’s on blood-thinners for his COPD.   He has also fractured his hip.  St. Mary’s has called in a neurologist about his head bleed and an orthopod for his hip.

I have a special horror of broken hips.  I’m taking all the throw rugs out of our house on my 65 birthday.  Every single old person I know whose broken their hip has gone to the hospital and never come home.

There’s no point in my going over there right now; the specialists haven’t gotten a crack at him, and I just got all the information they’ve got over the phone.  I’ll be taking a long lunch, taking my spousal unit, the ER nurse with me, and asking to see his X-rays, and trying to figure out why he was seeing things.  His chart clearly says he’s allergic to morphine.  It makes him hallucinate.  If someone gave him morphine, I’m going to own me a Catholic hospital.

I generally try to keep the tone of my writing above the gutter, but:  crapola.

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  1. I don’t know if this will help or not. But you DO know an old person who has broken a hip and come home from the hospital – my mother. She is a feisty thing. and in her 70’s

    she’s actually broken it twice come to think of it.

    so sorry to hear about your dad’s set-back. that is awful. please call us if you need us, okay?


  2. And my Grandmother. She broke hers when she was 65. I remember the hospital bed in the living room. We buried her a few years ago at 97.

  3. There are lots of drugs that make people disoriented in the hospital. That was a real problem with my mother both times she had to stay over, and I had to sleep in her room to calm her down at night. Heck, I get disoriented at night sometimes and I’m in my own bed at home. The phone rings in the middle of the night, and I can’t quite place what is happening. Or I take a nap during the day, and wake up thinking it’s morning but not knowing what day. Just think how a little bit of drugs would add to that confusion!

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