Posted by: wrmcnutt | September 28, 2009

Dad Update

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted an update on my Dad’s condition, so I thought I might catch ya’ll up.

Dad is doing well.  Almost disturbingly well.  I’m just about ready to start hunting for a painting in the attic.

One of his chest tubes came out today.  Apparently there were two. One of the areas has drained out, and the other still has a way to go.  Dad would like to report that the removal of a chest tube is “no fun.”

He has, however, developed severe difficulty swallowing.  He has been suffering from acid-reflux for a quite a while.  The breathing machine he was on apparently exacerbated the problem, and he seems to have developed a hole from his esophogas into his windpipe.  So he’s off thin liquids.  Alas, the soreness also prevents him from eating stuff with much body, either, so no meats or hard foods.  He’s stuck in the limbo of puree.

But all of that withstanding, he and his lungs continue to make progress.  Soon the rest of his tubes will be out, and we’ll get him to the transitional care unit, where he will be able to start getting a lot more exercise, and we will be able to confirm whether or not he’ll be able to go home and live independently again.

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  1. Way cool! I’m glad things are going better than expected. It’s so much better that way than the other! Hugs!

  2. I’m happy to hear he is doing so well. I’ve never had a chest tube pulled but I’ve had several abdominal jp drains pulled and if there anywhere near the same, they truely do suck <no pun intended, when they're pulled,

  3. thanks for the update! and so glad that things continue to look positive.

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