Posted by: wrmcnutt | September 23, 2009

Dad Update

I went to visit my father in the hospital yesterday, and he was, by and large, doing well.  They have (finally) worked short walks into his recovery.  But I’m the first to admit that he needs to get that chest tube out before he can do much in the way of exercise.  He was also gotten out of bed and into a chair twice.  All good news.  He appears coherent, cogent, and is quite responsive.  He’s full of opinions, plans, and instructions for me, and appears to be in good spirits.  The nurses have started talking about him moving to the transitional care unit, where he will become more responsible for his own care.  Also good news, but that chest tube is going to hold things up until it’s out.  But it’s starting to look like a possibility now.

The chest tube “stuff” is starting to look brown, rather than bright red, I think that it means that the drainage is slowing down, and that the tube can come out sooner rather than later. I’m going to ask about it.  My wife The Nurse sez that the outing of the chest tube is determined by X-rays.  I’ve also taken his suitcase back to him.  (I took it home when he went into the ICU.)

All good news not withstanding, he rejected his dinner last night.  He hasn’t had any appetite since the surgery, but has been eating because he’s supposed to. His body needs the food to fuel his recovery, and he knows it.  But last night he said it was weird.  Not only did he have no appetite, which is the new “normal” for him, but he actively didn’t want to eat.  He described some mild nausea, but that wasn’t the problem. He just had a very strong desire for no food.

I don’t like that.  I don’t like that at all.

I haven’t called the hospital today because I’m under strict orders to continue to live my life, and to pay attention to my work.  This evening after work is when I get to talk to his medical support staff and get the latest news.  So I’m trying to get work done.  I will confess to more than a little alarm at this development.

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  1. You’re Dad is fortunate to have a son like you, Bill.

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