Posted by: wrmcnutt | September 15, 2009

Ghost Stories

Guilty Pleasure:  Reading stories of paranormal encounters.  I don’t do it often.  My imagination is too good, but some times I can’t resist.  Given that October is looming, with the end of summer, the beginning of winter, Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, and all that sort of thing, have any of you ever seen a ghost?  Or had a brush with the paranormal?  I’m not talking alien abduction here, or sighting bigfoot.  Those critters are (in theory) from this neighborhood.  I’m taking about bumping into the dearly, or not-so-dearly departed.  Anyone?  Anyone?
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  1. Hmmm…I will have to share some stories sometimes in such regards. Many stories…

  2. I think pretty much all theatres are haunted, except possibly those in new buildings; as for a theatre in an old building, then even if it isn’t haunted, then there’s still a story that it is. (By the way, most theatres keep a bare bulb burning onstage, which is called a “ghost light”.)
    A few years back I was in a play at one of the many Theatre Central locations. This one was in one of those shotgun storefront locations on Gay Street, and the play, interestingly enough, was called “Spooks” (in the ghost-sense of the word).
    At one point in the play, my character was all alone on stage, asleep on the couch. While I was lying there with my eyes closed, I had the strongest sense of someone else being on stage. Not any kind of malevolent spirit, just someone who was curious as to what was going on. The feeling was so intense that I actually had to open my eyes just to check… no, I didn’t see anyone, but I still count this as a ghostly encounter. After all, aren’t all theatres haunted?

  3. I have had two personal encounters.

    The first was when I was 12 or so. I was sleeping over at Grandma’s and sleeping in the spare room that used to be where my great-grandma slept before she died. (She lived with my Grandma the last few years). I had the door closed and heard footsteps in the hallway. They went up the hall, then back down the hall, the up the hall. Wondering why my grandparents were wandering the hall, I got up and looked out. Nothing in the hall. I went to their room and they were sound asleep. I went back to the bedroom and left the door open and got into bed. I heard the footsteps come down the hall again and the room got freezing cold. They stopped at the door. I was frozen in fear. When they started back up the hall, I made a mad dash for the living room and spent the rest of the night trying to sleep on the couch.

    The second one was in a theater (yes, Margy, all theaters are haunted LOL). We were painting a set in college. The year before the theater director had died suddenly of a brain aneurism. None of had known her though (freshmen). There was a lab theater that ran in an “L” to the main stage where we were and it had a lot of lumber and building materials stored there. We had heard weird noises on and off all evening. Suddenly, there was a huge crash that shook the stage. Like a stack of lumber had been pushed over. We tore around the corner — and nothing. Not a thing was out of place. We decided we had done enough work for the evening and left posthaste. 🙂

    • I managed to creep myself out in Grandma & Grandpa’s bedroom when I was a kid. They had the National Inquirer lying around, and it always had a paranormal section that read like it was fact. Sometimes I could feel dark presences in the room. Looking back, I’m pretty sure that was just my imagination.

      You and Margy have reminded me of one experience that I had when I was a freshman in college, and the college theater. But I’m only gonna tell it if the other stories here are good.

  4. You’ve already heard mine … I think …

    • Yeah – but it’s the time of year for it. I wanna hear it again!

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