Posted by: wrmcnutt | July 7, 2009

Another Reason to Hate United Airlines

As you may recall, I made the mistake of flying with the Organized Sky Pirates, or, as they prefer to be called, United Airlines on my last trip to England.  Follow the link for details, but I try not to accidentally let my shadow fall over their counter when I’m traveling.  Here’s a fellow whose had a worse experience than me, but a better platform for complaining.

Remember – never fly United!

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  1. More evidence of why everyone should fear bards. And not fly on United.

  2. This one is hitting big numbers…..I saw a link to an article on Fox News today with him saying it has over 600,000 hits as of July 9th and growing….So much that United has called and asked him if they could use it in training on how NOT to treat customers….Of course the question is do they even know what Customer Service is to begin with.,2933,531515,00.html

  3. I’m with Richard on this one. Bards Rule.

    • An old SCA bumper-sticker used to read “Meddle not in the affairs of Bards, for YOUR name scans to ‘Greensleeves.'” In point of fact, EVERYTHING scans to ‘Greensleeves.’ The only problem with bardic retribution is that it’s not a guided missle that can be called back if you change your mind. A catchy tune and funny lyrics have a life of their own, and will bounce around the world LONG after you’ve gotten over your mad.

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