Posted by: wrmcnutt | June 10, 2009

She’s Ready to Go In The Water

Last night’s effort completed the temporary re-fit of my Sea Snark.  As of this morning the polyurethane on the new wooden fittings was dry enough to put her in the water. 

I made the following wooden fittings:  forward thwart (also the mast brace), daggerboard, tiller, rudder, and transom.

The forwardthwart was the simplest.  It’s a quadrilateral board with a hole in the middle, slightly aft of center.  It’s job is to hold the mast upright.  The dagger board turned out the best.  It looks like a giant tongue depressor.  It sticks down through the center of the hull when the boat is underway and prevents the wind from blowing it sideways.  The tiller is the only hardword piece I’ve made.  The rest is out of cabinet-grade plywood.  The tiller is the handle for the rudder by which the helmsman steers the boat.  I still have some bits and pieces of the lightning-struck oak that my friend James gave me a few years back, and I had one big enough for the tiller.  It turned out very pretty.  It looks kind of like a bow on a sow with the hull in it’s current state of ugly. 

The tiller, of course, is connected to the rudder.  The rudder was the most questionable item.  The current model is a kick-up rudder made of plastic and aluminum.  I wanted to reproduce the one from my childhood.  I was unable to find the correct dimensions for the rudder on-line, so I guessed from memory.  I looks “about right,” or, as they say in the boat building culture “fair.”

The daggerboard looked smaller than I remembered, so I arbitrarily added 4 inches to the length.  It’s going to affect the performance, but if I’m going sideways, it doesn’t matter how fast I’m going.

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  1. Well as it is now Thursday and packing day for you….All I can say is good luck and I hope the weather is good for sailing up at Lillies….Have a good trip and can’t wait to hear the stories from the event.

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