Posted by: wrmcnutt | April 21, 2009

The Saga of the Titanic – Part III

Okay – It’s the second Monday after Easter, and Panther has had my tent for almost two calendar weeks.  There’s been no contact from Panther, so I gave them a call.  News is mixed.  I got Misty on the phone.  She was polite, courteous, and made me feel that she cared that my problem was being dealt with.  Amanda, the person who is apparently handling my case as already gone for the day.  (Gone by 4:15 PM. Nice work if you can get it.  Eh, what do I know – maybe Amanda gets to work at 5:00 AM and works a 60 hour week.)  Misty was able to find out that my tent has been set up and tested. They found a “few drops” where the scallop meets the canopy.  They waterproofed the area and are testing it again.  The problem is that the testing process is, apparently, very authentic.  They pitch your tent outside and wait for it to train.  So until it rains, you have no test.

But the forecast is for rain, and there are high hopes that my tent will pass the test some time this week.  Unless more leaks are found, I may see my tent again sometime next week.

I’m happy with the steps Panther is taking, but I’m not at all impressed with the utter lack of communication coming out of the company.  If they’d told me what was going on, I’d be a lot less irritable. 

I’ve been in the Information Technology business for over twenty five years, and my job, like that of Customer Service, is solving other people’s problems.  And one of the things that I’ve learned in my professional life is that it is just as important to clearly communicate to our clients that you understand that they have a problem and that you are working to resolve the problem as it is to actually solve the problem.  I shouldn’t have to pry information out of them like this.

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