Posted by: wrmcnutt | April 20, 2009

Disposable Diapers

As you might know, I frequently travel with a very Small Child. Although not a parent, I frequently find myself becoming informed on parental issues in sheer self defence. I have decided that I am ready to take a stand on a issue that has been kicking around the parent world since I was a young boy.

I was a cloth diaper baby.  In between the time that I was born and raised, and the advent of my little sister, disposable diapers became available at a price my mother, fondly know to me as “El Cheapo” was willing to pay.

Now Mom was not known for holding her opinions close, and she had one on the issue of disposable diapers vs cloth diapers.

Quoth Mom: “Disposable diapers were handed down from on high by the HAND OF GOD HIMSELF.”

That sounded good to me on the face of it.  But it’s only taken one roadtrip with a one-year-old with a stomach virus to drive spikes into that opinion, and then pour concrete around it.

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  1. ?? Are you for them them or not?

    When the strapping young man-child was a babe, we had occasion once or twice to use cloth diapers. I can tell you that we’d rather change out the disposable one, even if it’s every 10 minutes or so (in respect to illness).

    God, he’s almost 21… I’m feeling old now…

    • Oh, for. Definitely for. I’m an Eagle Scout, and as green as the next guy. But being a parent is a lot of work, and anything that takes away the “labor” part, and leaves more time for the “stimulating interaction with the child” part is a plus.


  2. Disposables are sent from God. you are absolutely correct.

    anyone that wants to talk “carbon footprint” with you is clearly volunteering to come over, live in your basement, on bread crusts and crawl out to change and re-diaper the child every time it is needed, as well as doing all the laundry that goes along with the project and dispelling the smell.

    • Way back in the day, my Mom tried to start my sister on cloth diapers. You couldn’t get me in the baby’s room, the ammonia smell from the diaper bucket was so strong.

      Whew. I still remember it.


  3. Agreed. I can’t imagine how you could possibly have quarantined the smell or the mess on said road trip, even with a nuclear waste container – ick!

    • Tough enough at home. On the road, I think I’d leave a trail of cloth diapers in trash cans behind me, rather than try to deal with the pounds and pounds of raw sewage.


  4. Oh. Harry’s nanny in New Orleans was appalled that I wanted to used disposable diapers. “Waste of good money” she called them.

    My view that if there was ever a problem that could be solved by throwing money at it, baby poop pretty much topped the list.

    • Being a parent is hard. Anything that can make the job simplier deserves a very close look.


  5. We cloth diaper but primarily because we are awful cheapskates (~$160 in cloth diapers has paid for itself about five times over in the past months assuming an avg. of $20/wk spent on ‘sposies) and I’m a SAHM. The situation that you describe would have us pulling into the nearest Dollar General for a pile of the ‘sposies.

  6. Will is referring to my daughter who had a nasty stomach bug – and the related nasty end stuff in the days that followed. This was the first time she has actually had this type of illness (and it really wasn’t all that bad – just 2 really astonishingly ugly messes per day).

    I think If iI was using cloth i would have thrown them away – really. ASTONISHINGLY yucky.

    And I got to hold handfulls of toddler puke up twice in the car on the way home (as a comparison to what I call yucky). The diapers were worse. The color was *JUST NOT RIGHT.*

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