Posted by: wrmcnutt | April 15, 2009

The Saga of the Titanic – Part III

Ok – so I shipped Titanic off to Panther Primitives last week.  They are entitled to a little slack.  It got there at 4:40 on Wednesday afternoon, so I didn’t expect to hear from them that day.  Aaaannnd . . .  they didn’t call me on Thursday.  It would have been nice to hear from them, but I had a UPS tracking number, so I guess it’s reasonable that they wouldn’t call me to confirm recipt.  The next day was Good Friday, and the Easter weekend, so I’m willing to give them a pass.  But now it’s Tuesday, and they’ve had my tent for three business days, and it’s time for somebody to check in.  And clearly it’s not gonna be them.  So I called.

I got Sue, who was immediately able to confirm that they had Titanic’s canopy, and she said that they should have a proposed resolution for me “in a few days.”  Well, ok.  One’s, well, “one.”  Two’s “a couple.”  So three must be “a few.”  Wednesday + Thursday + Friday = a few days. I’ll give them all day Friday and the weekend.  If I don’t hear from them by lunchtime Monday, I’ll call again.

I really want to like this company.  I swear to God I do.  I generally like dealing with small businesses.  They usually have better service than larger companies.

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