Posted by: wrmcnutt | April 2, 2009

The Saga of the Titanic – Part II

Okay – after two weeks of no satisfactory reponse, I called Panther back today.  I spoke to Misty first, who passed me on to Amanda.  Amanda put me on hold and Sue picked up after only a couple of minutes.  Sue had to speak to her boss and then came back with the following directions:

“Please box it up and ship it back to us.  Include an invoice for the shipping cost.  We will test it and call you back. “

Apparently, they still don’t want to believe it leaks.

But this is way ahead of “no reponse.”

Now I just have to go out, find a heavy duty box that will hold that canopy, close it up, drive out the UPS, have  it weighed, pay the shipping charges, seal the invoice inside the box, and ship it to Panther.  I’m going to pop extra so I can track it on line and know that it’s been delivered.  When it hits the ground, I’ll call back up there and confirm that they’ve got it and ask them when they’re going to test it.

Check back, I’ll keep you up to date.

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  1. wow. I can not believe they are being so wretchedly uncooperative about this.

    on the other hand, once they see how badly that tent leaks they will kill the seam sealer guy so, I guess they need proof of his wrongdoing on hand to show the cops after they slaughter the guy.

  2. well? have they received the tent yet?

    • It was delivered and signed for at Panther on the 8th, at 3:49 PM. They did not call me on the 9th. I assume that they were closed on the 10th for Good Friday. But come Monday they will have had it for five calendar days without contacting me.


      I really want to like this company.

  3. Keep in mind that the excellent experiences you’ve had with Panther tents have very little in common with their Customer Service department. You order and receive the tent, everything is fine, you’re done. It’s only when there’s a problem, you get to talk to Customer Service.

    You can still like the company , just not their CS department.

  4. Well – yeah, but previous excellent experiences with Panther have, in fact, included they shipped me a tent that leaked more than it’s namesake. Still no call from Panther. I will call them on my lunch break and ask WTF.

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